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Please help skillaware to improve its competence development offerings.

The Swiss-wide skillaware campaign launched by the associations and social partners Employers in Banking, the Swiss Bank Employees Association and the Association of Commercial Employees in September 2019 focuses squarely on competence development. In a fast-paced and digitised world, employees are being placed under ever growing demands. Continuous personal development, including competence training, is therefore an important factor for all bank employees to secure their future employability.
Since spring 2020, skillaware has been offering banks and bank employees a comprehensive range of free competence development offerings. skillaware has now launched a short anonymous online survey to help it tailor its offerings even better to the needs and interests of bank employees. skillaware would love to hear from you and looks forward to your valuable insights and suggestions. Click here to go to the survey.

The survey will take less than 5 minutes, is completely anonymous and is in compliance with all data protection regulations.

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