Self-evaluation and external assessment

With the skillaware self-evaluation, you will get to know yourself better and understand where your particular competences and potential for improvement lie.

The self-evaluation has been available to all bank employees and interested parties since September 2019. Repeating the evaluation on a regular basis will help support your lifelong learning. You will benefit from a clear comparison of all your previous evaluations and can also complement your self-image with an external assessment.

External assessment


Are you well-equipped for the future or does the technological transformation in the banking world concern you? Take the survey now and find out how fit you are in approx. 30 minutes!

The same principle applies for basic competences and sports: you need a minimum level of fitness in order to get into the comfort zone. And just like in sports, the first step is the most difficult, namely familiarising yourself with the matter at hand. That is exactly what the skillaware campaign aims to achieve: regardless of your job, training or experience, reflecting on basic competences and developing further is something we do throughout our lives, both professionally and personally. skillaware raises awareness for the basic competences required in banking. The self-evaluation shows you where your level of fitness is good and where there is room for improvement. Curious? Take the survey!

Lifelong learning

“Learning is like rowing against the current: as soon as you stop, you drift backwards” (Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher).

The evaluation and training of your own competences should be perceived as a learning process that facilitates you to advance your career. To support you in this, skillaware gives you the opportunity to analyse your individual progress by repeating the self-evaluation at regular intervals. Besides showing you a current assessment of your competences, the detailed reporting also compares your competence profiles from all the previous runs at a glance.


the basics

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External assessment

Would you like to know how others around you evaluate your level of competence? In addition to the self-evaluation, you have the opportunity to complement your own assessment with an external image. Find out where other people of your choice, such as colleagues or other personal contacts, see your greatest strengths and potential. And compare their assessment with your self-assessment. The external feedback process is short taking only around 7 minutes. This survey is also confidential of course.

How do you request an external image?

  • Already completed the self-evaluation and provided your e-mail address?
    If so, simply click the link in your Refresher mail and you will go directly to the option “Request external image”. Alternatively, you can complete the self-evaluation a second time and request the external image afterwards. Not yet received the refresher mail? E-mails are being sent on a rolling basis until 13 July 2020 at the latest. Contact skillaware.
  • Already completed the self-evaluation, but opted to stay anonymous? Unfortunately, it will not be possible in this instance to request a subsequent external image. You can, however, repeat the self-evaluation, this time providing your private e-mail address, and then request the external image at the end.
  • Not yet completed the self-evaluation?
    Now is the perfect time to evaluate your competences and find out how fit you are! If you would like to request an external image at the end, don’t forget to provide your private e-mail address at the start of the self-evaluation.

After submitting the external image request, you will receive an e-mail invite for external feedback, which you can then forward to any contacts from whom you would like a feedback. You can also add personal comments to the e-mail.

Skilly the alpaca accompanies you through your self-evaluation and encourages your individual competence training.

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Data protection

Protecting your data is important to us! Both the self-evaluation and external assessment are conducted by ValueQuest GmbH. The self-evaluation takes about 30 minutes while the external image assessment is shorter, taking only about 7 minutes to complete. If you wish to participate in the survey, click on “Start survey”, you will then be redirected to the survey tool. You can launch the external assessment here. You will receive a message that you can forward to anyone you would like to ask to provide an external assessment.

ValueQuest, the leading Swiss specialist for employee surveys, ensures the confidential treatment of your personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In particular, the data will not be shared with third parties or used for any purpose other than what is stated. The data will be analysed anonymously and in such a way that no conclusions can be drawn about individual participants.

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