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fit for the world of banking

How do you perceive yourself in your daily work? How competent do you feel in your field of expertise? How do you reflect on your tasks and prioritise them? Find out!

skillaware – the Switzerland-wide campaign to promote basic banking competences will show you where you stand.

skillaware is a Switzerland-wide campaign organised by the associations and social partners Employers in Banking, Swiss Bank Employees Association and the Association of Commercial Employees, and is aimed at all bank employees across all hierarchical levels and departments.

In the fast-paced, digitised banking world, the working environment is changing rapidly and requirements for the business are becoming increasingly complex. Bank employees need a heightened awareness of how to address their personal development. Not a problem for you? Or do these changes worry you? Complete skillaware to find out which basic competences are needed in banking today and in the future and evaluate where you currently stand. The self-evaluation is completely anonymous and only you can see your results.

In 2020, a particular aim of the campaign is to empower the bank employees, enabling them to take independent action towards developing their own competences on a continual and long-term basis and sustaining their employability. Competence development and life long learning therefore have to be accessible to all employees and engage them at an emotional level. To this end, skillaware offers a portfolio of products for all banking institutions.

You will also find tips and important background information on competence development in the skills@home podcast series

More about the campaign.

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