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An orientation meeting is suitable for any bank employee who has taken part in the self-evaluation and would like to address her or his employability in more depth. An orientation meeting is particularly helpful if you are unsure of what to make of your results and what your next steps should be. The self-evaluation is like a routine check-up at the doctor’s: prevention is the main goal. And talking to the doctor is key. Which is why, once you have completed your self-evaluation, you can count on the support of skillaware and the social partners in the banking sector. skillaware offers you the opportunity to discuss the individual results of your self-evaluation, any questions and suitable measures with a qualified career consultant. 

Alternatively, you can take action yourself or discuss the individual measures you would like to put in place with your employer. 

What is an orientation meeting?

By participating in the self-evaluation, you have taken an important first step: you have reflected on your skills and examined where your strengths are and which areas have potential for development. In practice, you will now need to decide what you want to do with this information. The orientation meeting is the next logical step and offers long-term support: you can discuss the results of your self-evaluation with a qualified career consultant, reflect on your basic competences in depth and address any other questions or uncertainties you may have. This will help you identify the areas you would like to work on in the future.

More concrectely, you can expect the following from your orientation meeting:

  • Reflection on the results of your self-evaluation.
  • A selection of two to three basic competences that you would like to focus on developing. 
  • An individual range of practical tips and simple yet efficient measures for working on your competences in your professional and personal environment. 
  • The opportunity to discuss questions that arise in your daily professional life.

Who is suitable for an orientation meeting?

Every bank employee can benefit from an orientation meeting – regardless of their age, gender, role and education. No matter what results you got on your self-evaluation, or even if you didn’t finish it, the main thing is that you addressed your basic competences and were willing to reflect upon yourself. As a rule, orientation meetings make sense for anyone looking to work on specific aspects or being concerned about how to maintain their employability. Orientation meetings add great value if you are not sure how to interpret the results of your self-evaluation or what to make of them. The meeting can help you with this. Taking a close look at your basic competences regularly, whether you are curious, interested or because it has become a necessity, is of central importance if you want to become or remain employable. We therefore recommend seeing the orientation meetings as a preventive measure: the sooner you start working on yourself, the less effort will be required to keep up with the coming changes in your daily professional life. 

Who offers orientation meetings?

How much does an orientation meeting cost?

The first orientation meeting is free of charge for members and anyone who wishes to become a member of the Swiss Bank Employees Association and the Association of Commercial Employees.

Swiss Bank Employees Association and
Association of Commercial Employees
Members of the associations and anyone who wishes
to become a member (membership refers to
individuals and not to banks).
Free of chargeFor a special rate of CHF 150.00.-
Please contact your association for further information.

Swiss Bank Employees Association
Email: skillaware@sbpv.ch
Website: sbpv.ch/skillaware/

Association of Commercial Employees
Email: skillaware@kfmv.ch
Website: kfmv.ch/skillaware
Please contact your preferred provider for further information.

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