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In 2020, a particular aim of the campaign is to empower the bank employees, enabling them to take independent action towards developing their own competences on a continual and long-term basis and sustaining their employability. Competence development and life long learning therefore have to be accessible to all employees and engage them at an emotional level. To this end, skillaware offers a portfolio of products for all banking institutions. At the present time, this is a digital offering which can therefore be accessed from anywhere.

In its current form, the offering is also entirely free of charge.
The various activities are directly supported by skillaware representatives or skillaware partners (qualified careers advisors).


skillaware «go to bank» online
skills@home – The podcast for competence development
skillaware «walk-in» digital
Digitale fact sheets on competence development

skillaware «go to bank» online

  • Live advisory sessions and digital workshops
  • Target audience: Managers, employees, HR managers

Select from the following topics:

  • ‘Competence training’ introduction
  • Competence development for individual departments (especially customer service (Front))
  • Competence development for older employees
  • Competence development as a management tool
  • Integration of basic competence development measures in the existing HR landscape
  • Making good use of the home office
  • Individual topics

skills@home – The podcast for competence development

skillaware podcast series on a range of topics relating to personal competence training
Available at: Competence training (only in German)

Our offering:

  • Take advantage of our audio files for internal use.
  • We produce individual episodes on your individual topics.

skillaware «walk-in» digital

Short online consultations for bank employees by skillaware careers advisors.

Our offering:

  • A short personal consultation session takes between 10 and 20 minutes.
  • This will give you an initial impression of an orientation meeting and how you can take a proactive role in your own competence development.
  • The service is aimed at bank employees who want to be proactive about developing their personal competences. It is available free of charge to members of the Swiss Bank Employees Association and the Association of Commercial Employees, and to non-members.

Digitale fact sheets on competence development

Digital fact sheets on the subject of competence development and competence training – also when working from home.

Our offering:

  • Take advantage of our fact sheets for internal use.
  • We are also happy to create fact sheets on individual topics on request.
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