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Do you work at a bank? If so, then you are at the right place here. As an employee of a bank, you have a solid level of training and perhaps even higher education qualifications, and you also have in-depth specialist knowledge. Whether you completed your education and training many years ago or only recently, you never stop learning.

skillaware promotes awareness for addressing one’s own competences and is supporting bank employees in Switzerland with their development and in their further professional training during the current technological, economic and demographic change. The skillaware self-evaluation is an anonymous, secure online survey.

The results are not disclosed to your employer or any third parties. The questions are scientifically based and were developed in cooperation with proven experts. The result of your self-evaluation is not an objective analysis of your abilities. It is merely a personal self-assessment of your competences. An objective analysis would require a longer discussion of the topic as well as personal interviews.

In 2020, a particular aim of the campaign is to empower the bank employees, enabling them to take independent action towards developing their own competences on a continual and long-term basis and sustaining their employability. 
Competence development and life long learning therefore have to be accessible to all employees and engage them at an emotional level. To this end, skillaware offers a portfolio of products for all banking institutions.

You will also find tips and important background information on competence development in the skills@home podcast series

16 Basic competences 

for fit bank employees

The associations and social partners Employers in Banking, Swiss Bank Employees Association and the Association of Commercial Employees want to proactively support bank employees in Switzerland in maintaining their employability.
Sixteen basic competences have been identified to this end. They should be seen as the minimum level of basic fitness and are also compatible with your bank’s specialist, career and management competence programmes.

The skillaware online self-evaluation asks specific questions relating to the 16 basic competences, which have been organized according to four different dimensions.

  • Personal responsibility
Questions to determine competence
  • I act in a results-oriented manner, even under difficult circumstances.
  • I use my time and resources in a results-oriented manner.
  • I consciously weigh the needs of the customer, the company and the specialist areas before taking action.
  • I support my colleagues in their tasks.
  • I am resilient, but without going beyond my own physical and psychological limits.
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